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Dark Spring's "More Than Suffering" is Emo Perfection

Indie Band Guru | July 25, 2019

Word count: 960

Album Review

Dark Spring's sophomore album More Than Suffering is proving to fans that emo is alive and the pulse is steaming from within them.

Let's Get Sideways with Creature and the Woods: PREMIERE

Indie Band Guru | July 04, 2019

Word count: 300

Single & MV Review

Critically acclaimed Indie-Folk band, Creature and the Woods, is back with their new EP J Tree. Their recent single is called Sideways.

Indie Band Guru | June 19, 2019

Word count: 300

Single & MV Review

Katie Dey releases new video for "Stuck" is dizzying and displays the insanity of feeling stuck in your body and this current world.

Pop Sundae | June 14, 2019

Word count: 1,148

Celebrity News

British YouTuber Dan Howell, says "I always wanted to upload this next video in the month of June[...]" before posting his new video.

Indie Band Guru | May 20, 2019

Word count: 602

EP Review

At only 22 years old, Stephanie Grace releases her third EP called Private Pond and it's making waves on country music charts.

Italian Album Names, Headlining Tours, and Stoked Fans

Pop Sundae | July 14, 2019

Word count: 450

Tour Announcement

Grayscale has finally announced a headlining tour and fans are psyched to see this band play venues they've been opening for years.

Grayscale Gets Lost In Violet With New Single and Video

Pop Sundae | July 01, 2019

Word count: 805

Single & MV Review, Album Announcement

Following some cryptic behavior, Grayscale has finally provided us with answers. Their new single "In Violet" is available now.

Indie Band Guru | June 16, 2019

Word count: 2,257

Album Review

Who would have thought we'd be privvy to another JoBros album? It's 2019 and we're nearly a week into Happiness Begins.

Indie Band Guru | May 26, 2019

Word count: 513

Single & MV Review

Nashville-based pop/country band Richlove drops new single called "Temptation." It's their third release since becoming a band.

Kate Tempest's Newest Single is Absolutely Fire(smoke)

Indie Band Guru | May 10, 2019

Word count: 300

Single Review

British spoken word artist, rapper, and poet Kate Tempest releases refreshing new single called "Firesmoke" in our pop-driven world.

Neck Deep Confirms That God is a Woman, and She Likes to Cuddle

Pop Sundae | July 06, 2019

Word count: 367

Single & MV Review

Thanks to Neck Deep's new single titled "She's a God," we have further confirmation that God is a woman AND She likes to cuddle.

GRAYSCALE: New Music Announcement or a B&B in the Desert?

Pop Sundae | June 26, 2019

Word count: 711

News, Fan Theories

After the wiping of their social media and two cryptic videos, Grayscale fans have taken to twitter to share their theories.

Pop Sundae | June 15, 2019

Word count:1,014

Album Anniversary

It's officially been an entire year since 5SOS's Youngblood was released. Pop Sundae spoke to some fans about is impact on them!

Indie Band Guru | May 23, 2019

Word count: 300

Single & MV Review

Casii Stephan releases Letters as a brand new single, as well as a music video, and is blowing us all away with her talent.

Pop Punk Band, Telltale, Have Unbelievably "Timeless Youth"

Indie Band Guru | April 30, 2019

Word count: 1,014 

EP Review

Attention fans of With Con, State Champs, and Real Friends: new pop punk band Telltale release Timeless Youth as their 2nd EP.