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Dark Spring's "More Than Suffering" is Emo Perfection

Indie Band Guru | July 25, 2019

Dark Spring's sophomore album More Than Suffering is proving to fans that emo is alive and the pulse is steaming from within them.

Album Review

Word count: 960

Let's Get Sideways with Creature and the Woods: PREMIERE

Indie Band Guru | July 04, 2019

Critically acclaimed Indie-Folk band, Creature and the Woods, is back with their new EP J Tree. Their recent single is called Sideways.

Single & MV Review

Word count: 300

Indie Band Guru | June 19, 2019

Katie Dey releases new video for "Stuck" is dizzying and displays the insanity of feeling stuck in your body and this current world.

Single & MV Review

Word count: 300

Pop Sundae | June 14, 2019

British YouTuber Dan Howell, says "I always wanted to upload this next video in the month of June[...]" before posting his new video.

Celebrity News

Word count: 1,148

Indie Band Guru | May 20, 2019

At only 22 years old, Stephanie Grace releases her third EP called Private Pond and it's making waves on country music charts.

EP Review

Word count: 602

Italian Album Names, Headlining Tours, and Stoked Fans

Pop Sundae | July 14, 2019

Grayscale has finally announced a headlining tour and fans are psyched to see this band play venues they've been opening for years.

Tour Announcement

Word count: 450

Grayscale Gets Lost In Violet With New Single and Video

Pop Sundae | July 01, 2019

Following some cryptic behavior, Grayscale has finally provided us with answers. Their new single "In Violet" is available now.

Single & MV Review, Album Announcement

Word count: 805

Indie Band Guru | June 16, 2019

Who would have thought we'd be privvy to another JoBros album? It's 2019 and we're nearly a week into Happiness Begins.

Album Review

Word count: 2,257

Indie Band Guru | May 26, 2019

Nashville-based pop/country band Richlove drops new single called "Temptation." It's their third release since becoming a band.

Single & MV Review

Word count: 513

Kate Tempest's Newest Single is Absolutely Fire(smoke)

Indie Band Guru | May 10, 2019

British spoken word artist, rapper, and poet Kate Tempest releases refreshing new single called "Firesmoke" in our pop-driven world.

Single Review

Word count: 300

Neck Deep Confirms That God is a Woman, and She Likes to Cuddle

Pop Sundae | July 06, 2019

Thanks to Neck Deep's new single titled "She's a God," we have further confirmation that God is a woman AND She likes to cuddle.

Single & MV Review

Word count: 367

GRAYSCALE: New Music Announcement or a B&B in the Desert?

Pop Sundae | June 26, 2019

After the wiping of their social media and two cryptic videos, Grayscale fans have taken to twitter to share their theories.

News, Fan Theories

Word count: 711

Pop Sundae | June 15, 2019

It's officially been an entire year since 5SOS's Youngblood was released. Pop Sundae spoke to some fans about is impact on them!

Album Anniversary

Word count:1,014

Indie Band Guru | May 23, 2019

Casii Stephan releases Letters as a brand new single, as well as a music video, and is blowing us all away with her talent.

Single & MV Review

Word count: 300

Pop Punk Band, Telltale, Have Unbelievably "Timeless Youth"

Indie Band Guru | April 30, 2019

Attention fans of With Con, State Champs, and Real Friends: new pop punk band Telltale release Timeless Youth as their 2nd EP.

EP Review

Word count: 1,014